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"The ultimate Interfaith experience of Israel"
Experience the  People, Places and Passion ... *
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"By far, the best trip I've ever been on!  I have done a lot of group travel but I have never experienced a trip like yours!  You created a trip that was more than incredible.  As I told you, I looked at other tours that had "similar" itineraries but I was sold when seeing all of the comments on your Facebook page.  NOW I understand why they wrote all that they did and still words don't describe what an incredible 10 days it was... so many personal touches.  Wendy, thank you for sharing your passion, your sense of humor and the love you have for Israel.  You and this trip will always be in my heart  ... Waiting for 5 Senses 2.0!"   Karen R., CA
Only a few spaces still remain for our Oct 2014 experience
GIRLS GOING TO ISRAELExperience the Magic
October 21- November 2, 2014  
Women's Only, Interfaith, Multi-Denominational Tour of Israel
Join women from around the world, of varying religions and backgrounds
for this once-in-a-lifetime experience

Experience ISRAEL ... the People, Places and Passion!
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"Thank you for an experience of a lifetime! While I have been on many tours around the world, this is my first time I've traveled with a tour leader that offers such a personalized experience.  It is evident that this is your passion!  I didn't really know what to expect when visiting Israel but I felt that your trip was the one for me.  All I can say is thank you ... your passion is contagious and your caring is over and beyond!  I would recommend your trip anyone wanting to really experience all that Israel has to offer . You and Harrison are a wonderful team - highly organized, thoughtful, certainly funny and knowledgeable.  Thank you for giving me an experience of a lifetime!  I hope to join you again one day!" Carol G. - MD  

 Girls Going to Israel - 2012 5 Senses Tour 
Taste the authentic cuisine of the country ...
See the culture, history and religion come alive as we walk the ancient alleyways ...
Feel the passions of the people that call Israel "Home"...
Touch and be touched by the peace and beauty ,,,
Hear the sounds of nature, the arts, the markets ...
that's only the beginning!

"Don't Just Dream It ... Do It!"

Choosing your travel destinaion is a big decision...  
Choosing the right group is an even bigger decision ...

Girls Going to Israel ... Experience the Magic was created specifically for women of all religions, to truly experience IsraelWhile we experience the important religious and historical sights and wonders of this country, we also learn about the life and people behind this passionate land.  Our small group travels from the northern borders of the country to as far south as the Dead Sea.  We experience the religions, cultures, lives and pursuits that make up the diverse tapestry called Israel.  Likewise, we also learn from one another.  While we travel together on the 5 Senses Tour, we share and celebrate our own diversity - creating a very rich perspective and an added level of interest and growing amongst ourselves.  Whether you've been to Israel before or not, I promise you will be greeted with new surprises and experiences - the itinerary is just the beginning!

While we all come from different places, traveling solo or with friends / family ...
We all arrive with one thing in common ... to experience Israel! 
When it's time to leave, we have many things in common ...  incredible experiences, new friendships and special memories!


Thoughts from one of our solo travelers from Ireland

"Thank you to all of my new 5 Senses friends for the contribution you made to making my journey beyond my comfort zone so amazing and memorable.  This was, for me, a "bucket list" trip and reached and then far exceeded my hopes and expectations - I can't choose any one fabuous experience above another:  the sights, the experiences, the friendships, the camaraderie, even the embarassing ones (my birthday!), only to say that the outcome was the sum of all parts. ....

I hope we meet again, my friends ... what about a reunion in Israel in 5 years time, coordinated of course by Wendy?  But until next time, let me remind you:

Believe everything happens for a reason
If you get a chance, take it,
If it changes your life,
Let it ....

Go n-eiri an bothar leat (May the road rise with you)!" ... Margaret (Ireland)


The Team:  

Wendy Yaniv: 
Senses Tour Founder / Leader: 

"My passion for Israel runs deep. Sharing it with others is my greatest joy!"

I guess I can be called a native Atlantan although I do not "feel" Southern (whatever that means)!  However, having lived in Atlanta for more than 30 years of my life, I have been given the honorable title.  I am a Realtor in my "real life job" and take tours to Israel as my "volunteer passion."  I am married to an Israeli, a proud mom of 3 wonderful, young men (2 of whom are now serving in the Israeli army and my youngest with plans to join his brothers)!  My first visit to Israel was at the age of 16, fell madly in love with the country and and have been hooked every since!  Over the years, I worked as a Group Leader for teens traveling to Israel for 6 week periods, spent a semester studying at Tel Aviv U and lived there for a period of time prior to my married life.  Until today, Israel holds my heart and it is my goal to share this country with my groups in a unique, personalized way ... engaging all of your senses while learning the about the history, passion, struggles and successes of this tiny country called Israel!  

Creating these tours and bringing groups to Israel is not only my dream but a true honor!

I look forward to traveling with you!  Warmest Regards, Wendy

Harrison Cohen:  Tour Guide

Harrison has been a tour guide for over 20 years. His vast knowledge of the 3 major religions was especially important to me in choosing him due to the "multi-denominational" nature of this group.  In addition to the fact that he satisfied my very "Type A" strict guidelines for choosing a guide, Harrison and I have also been friends for many, many years (that means a number too big to want to count the years!)  Because of our history together, Harrison also understands the experience I want to offer my groups, allowing us to work in tandem in order to achieve the personalized feel of this tour.  And by the way, in case you are wondering ... he does not complain about the fact that it's a women's-only tour!  He's quite happy ... as is our driver :-)  

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